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MrInsurability.comImagine being in another country, where you don’t really speak the language. You run into some kind of a problem and don’t know where to turn for help. Wouldn’t you love to have 24-Hour Hotline Assistance available? While this doesn’t come with any dollar value, getting real-time help when you’re in trouble is certainly invaluable. This coverage can include things like the arranging evacuation for medical emergencies, pre-trip assistance, etc.

One of the greatest benefits of travel insurance comes when your vacation is ruined due to a shady businessman or woman.  Say you book a tour or a cruise, things are looking good and you make a quick call to answer a couple of last minute questions.

There is no answer, so you call again later and then maybe even again. You start to wonder what’s going on and so the next day you phone again, only to discover that the number has been disconnected.

You decide to drive by the office and discover that it’s even worse than you suspected. They are gone and out of business, with your money in their pockets. Travel insurance may be your most reliable and possibly only means of getting your money back.

After looking at a number of different situations here, you may now begin to realize that the most important part of educating yourself about travel insurance is to really study the details of each plan that you might consider. Remember, different levels of coverage and benefits can be customized to meet the needs of your particular trip.

Among the first considerations to make when selecting a travel insurance plan is whether to purchase trip-specific or annual coverage. Frequent travelers and those with a big family or young children, may want to carefully consider the cost savings that an annual plan can provide.

You see, when travelers total up the cost of insurance for each trip that they plan to take in the coming year and compare it to the cost of an annual policy, they may find the annual policy a much better choice.

Whether you travel on a few big trips a year or a number of smaller trips, the individual costs can add up pretty quickly. It’s always the best idea to take the time to check out all of the options and make the smart choice!

One last thought about travel insurance. It is just like any other type of insurance in that it does something besides give you money to replace lost, damaged or stolen property, it gives you peace of mind!

Let’s be honest, you can by the insurance and never need it. On the other hand, if you don’t buy it and do need it, well that’s a whole other part of life that you just don’t want to experience! Everyone has to do what they think is best and that includes you.

As for me, my motto has always been “Do it Right, Sleep at Night!”