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Tips for Filing Insurance Claims

One of the most common types of homeowner claims are those for storm and/or flood damage. With storm and flood season just around the corner in many places, let’s look at something that should be tackled sooner rather than later.

That something is taking digital photos of your household belongings. The images will help back up an insurance claim, should your possessions be damaged, destroyed or stolen during a catastrophe, like the ones we just mentioned.

Taking pictures is just the starting point for a complete household inventory. You really need to itemize all of your belongings and record details such as the date of purchase and the purchase price.

This can be made easy by using a free app that we recommend. It is the Insurance Information Institute’s “Know Your Stuff” app for Android and iPhone. You will find it by going to
Home Inventory where you can download it completely FREE!

Along with making a photographic inventory of your home, remember these 4 tips!

1. Call your insurance company as soon as possible, if your home has been damaged and let your agent know where you can be reached.

2. Make a list of your damaged property and take photographs to substantiate your losses. Having digital photos of your belongings before they were damaged and a home inventory will help with this step.

3. Keep receipts for hotel rooms and restaurant meals if you are unable to live in your home. Most companies will reimburse you for these expenses (up to 20% of the total insurance that you have on the structure of your house).

4. Make temporary repairs to prevent further damage and be sure to keep the receipts.

When planning for an event such as this, it is always best to contact your independent insurance agent to be sure just what exactly your coverage is and to find out about any other precautions that you should be taking!