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10 Considerations When Buying Data Breach Insurance

10 Considerations When Buying Data Breach InsuranceWe have been talking quite a lot lately about data breach insurance. Since there is more than one type of computer attack, we can also use the term cyber insurance. It’s obvious that every business needs this coverage, but like any purchase, there are questions and concerns. So, let’s look at the 10 Considerations When Buying Data Breach Insurance.

As one might expect, interest in this coverage increases with every report of a major computer breach.

Aside from the increasing number of reported breaches, regulatory pressures from the government are driving the need for coverage. In the USA, the Securities and Exchange Commission requires publicly traded companies to disclose their cyber risks. They must also provide proof of any insurance coverage they have. Read more

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Loss of Attraction and Active Shooter Insurance

Loss of Attraction and Active Shooter InsuranceToday is the second part of our last post. This part we’ll call Loss of Attraction and Active Shooter Insurance coverage.

As we saw last time a business has some recourse if their insurance includes terrorism coverage. The problem is that most don’t. Now, we can add to that another event that has become too frequent in the U.S., an active shooting. This too has created the need for a new kind of business coverage, active shooter insurance.

We have discussed this on a few posts in the past, but today we’ll take a different approach to it. That approach is that an active shooting can also be a terrorist attack! Read more

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Ransomware Attacking Businesses

Ransomware Attacking BusinessesUp until now our discussion has been about ransomware on home computers. Today I’d like to look at ransomware attacking businesses as well.

As mentioned in a previous post, systems infected with ransomware are also often infected with other malware. You may remember the ransomware CryptoLocker.

CryptoLocker also comes with Upatre, a downloader, which infects the user with GameOver Zeus. GameOver Zeus is a variation of the Zeus Trojan, which steals banking information, along with other types of data. Read more

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Removing Malware

removing malwareToday let’s look a little bit more at removing malware in general. This might include ransomware, viruses, pop-ups, etc. Once a computer gets infected, removing any of these things can be difficult to do.

Before beginning, please remember, we do insurance, not computer repair. We are also not endorsing any company or service. This is just some free, though not professional, help for those in need.

There are a few basic things that can be done when removing malware. These methods will most often fix the problem. Although, there will be times when more advanced methods will be needed. Read more

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Security Risks Keep Changing

Security Risks Keep ChangingSecurity Risks Keep Changing. Information Security Risks, Data Breaches and Identity Fraud are not disappearing trends. As a matter of fact these types of attacks are becoming more frequent and more complex in nature.

New legislation and ever-changing contractual requirements, has added to the complexity of managing cyber-threats for the business owner. Read more

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Assessing Your Company’s Security Needs

Assessing Your Company's Security NeedsToday let’s start by looking at how you go about assessing your company’s security needs.

In deciding where to begin, first ask whose information do you store or have stored?

The answer will most likely be one or more of the following:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Other businesses
  • Other individuals

Read more

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What to Do If Your Insurance Claims are Denied

insurance claimsOut of control insurance claims and medical expenses are hardly a secret these days.  Currently, 57% of people facing home foreclosure say medical debt or other medical expenses are the cause. Out of this 57% only 10% felt that they were under-insured.

Eliminating medical debt is almost impossible to do. Though there are tools that you can use to fight back, should your claim be denied. Read more

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Data Breach Categories

Data Breach CategoriesIf you’ll remember, before our list of terminology, we looked at a variety of the causes of data breaches. Now, let’s narrow it down a bit further. All of the causes that we looked at seem to fall into 3 basic categories. These data breach categories include: human error, employee error and criminal activity.

The following percentages let us know what we might be facing:

  • Human Error – 19%
  • System Error – 32%
  • Criminal Activity – 40%

As the percentages show, there are still a few unknowns. Surprisingly, we can see that criminal attack is actually less than one-half of the overall cause of the problem.

In order to get an even closer look, let’s look at some of the misconceptions about data breaches. Read more

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Data Breach Terminology

Data Breach TerminologyOur last 2 posts were naming the various ways that a data breach can occur. Now, that certainly was not a complete list, but it covered the most common. Then it occurred to me that some of the data breach terminology used, when talking about this subject, may be new to many.

So, I thought we’d go with another list. This one covers some of the more common terms used and their meaning. I hope it helps make things a little clearer.

Again, this is far from being a complete list of data breach terminology, but it is enough to get the ball rolling. This list is an excerpt from an article by Sid Kirchheimer in AARP magazine. He is the author of Scam-Proof Your Life, published by AARP Books/Sterling. Read more