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Cyber Attacks

cyber attacksThis is a last minute post I felt necessary, due to the seriousness of its contents. As you know if you read this blog, we have a lot about cyber attacks and the like. That’s why I wanted to make an effort to let all readers, personal and business, to know the latest update.

On Wednesday the government issued it’s most direct and detailed advisory about North Korea’s hacking activity. They warned that the country of North Korea continues to target U.S. media, aerospace, financial and critical infrastructure sectors. Read more

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Removing Malware

removing malwareToday let’s look a little bit more at removing malware in general. This might include ransomware, viruses, pop-ups, etc. Once a computer gets infected, removing any of these things can be difficult to do.

Before beginning, please remember, we do insurance, not computer repair. We are also not endorsing any company or service. This is just some free, though not professional, help for those in need.

There are a few basic things that can be done when removing malware. These methods will most often fix the problem. Although, there will be times when more advanced methods will be needed. Read more

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Protect Yourself from Ransomware

Protect Yourself from RansomwareIn case you missed the last one or two posts, we are talking about ransomware. Ransomware is malware that locks up your computer, so you can’t use it. Today we’re going to see how you can protect yourself from ransomware.

Ransomware relies on scare tactics to trick users into thinking they have done something wrong. Do you remember that you can get infected by ransomware simply by visiting an infected website or opening your email? You didn’t have to do anything wrong to get infected.

If you’re a big corporation with an IT dept. you’ll probably be able to deal with an attack. If you’re a person with a home computer, who gets attacked, knowing what to do isn’t so easy. You probably don’t want to have to pay for cyber insurance along with all your other bills.

So, the next question is how can you protect yourself from ransomware? Read more