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Cyber Attacks

cyber attacksThis is a last minute post I felt necessary, due to the seriousness of its contents. As you know if you read this blog, we have a lot about cyber attacks and the like. That’s why I wanted to make an effort to let all readers, personal and business, to know the latest update.

On Wednesday the government issued it’s most direct and detailed advisory about North Korea’s hacking activity. They warned that the country of North Korea continues to target U.S. media, aerospace, financial and critical infrastructure sectors. Read more

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The Need for Data Breach Insurance

The Need for Data Breach InsuranceToday I’d like to look at one example of the need for data breach insurance. Although this event took place outside the USA, it shows what can happen when insurance coverage is not available.

Yapizon, a South Korean bitcoin exchange firm, was hacked and the result was a $5 million loss to its users. That amount added up to about 37% of the bitcoin exchange’s total user funds, according to Yapizon’s legal team.

Can you guess how the company decided to handle this disaster? Read more

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Ransomware Attacking Businesses

Ransomware Attacking BusinessesUp until now our discussion has been about ransomware on home computers. Today I’d like to look at ransomware attacking businesses as well.

As mentioned in a previous post, systems infected with ransomware are also often infected with other malware. You may remember the ransomware CryptoLocker.

CryptoLocker also comes with Upatre, a downloader, which infects the user with GameOver Zeus. GameOver Zeus is a variation of the Zeus Trojan, which steals banking information, along with other types of data. Read more

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Different Ransomware Types

Different Ransomware TypesToday let’s look some different ransomware types. Currently there seem to be 3 main ransomware programs that are very successful.

They are CryptoLocker, Samas and CryptorBit. These 3 became quite famous starting in 2013 and continue to be extremely successful at encrypting a computer’s files. Read more

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Nonpublic Personally Identifiable Information

Nonpublic Personally Identifiable InformationToday let’s continue with our look at the need for data breach insurance and Nonpublic Personally Identifiable Information. We previously mentioned that stolen records most often include this type of information. You may be wondering what this information would consist of, so, let’s look at some possibilities.

Just about all businesses, no matter the size, collect data about their employees, customers and tenants. Just what is nonpublic personally identifiable information? Below is a list of the most common items. If your company collects any of these, then you need to have safeguards in place. Read more

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Data Breach Terminology

Data Breach TerminologyOur last 2 posts were naming the various ways that a data breach can occur. Now, that certainly was not a complete list, but it covered the most common. Then it occurred to me that some of the data breach terminology used, when talking about this subject, may be new to many.

So, I thought we’d go with another list. This one covers some of the more common terms used and their meaning. I hope it helps make things a little clearer.

Again, this is far from being a complete list of data breach terminology, but it is enough to get the ball rolling. This list is an excerpt from an article by Sid Kirchheimer in AARP magazine. He is the author of Scam-Proof Your Life, published by AARP Books/Sterling. Read more

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

MrInsurability.comToday, let’s look at something often overlooked by business owners. I’m talking about Employment Practices Liability Insurance!

The costs associated with employment practice-related claims, can be staggering. Sadly, the number of these claims is on the rise! Employers may face a number of different types of claims and lawsuits over things like: wrongful termination, discrimination, workplace harassment and retaliation.

Read more

Commercial Flood Insurance

MrInsurability.comToday I’d like to talk about a commercial insurance policy that many companies never even think about and that is Commercial Flood Insurance.

Commercial Flood Insurance helps protect a business against the often high costs of repairing damage that has been caused by flooding. A commercial flood insurance policy will not only protect the location of your business, but also the physical contents, as well as any business assets that may have been compromised.

A commercial flood insurance policy is designed to protect your business if your floors, walls, ceilings, equipment and fixtures, as well as furniture, inventory and business property, sustain floodwater damage. Read more