Businesses today are responsible for all kinds of data. Common examples include credit card data, employment records, healthcare records, company financial data and even confidential information.

Unfortunately, even those companies with the most sophisticated IT security systems are susceptible to a data breach. The loss of this data and the associated costs could be devastating to a business.

To avoid a data breach and its potential impact, it is especially important to be prepared. This means having the right information and the right coverage.

The cost of dealing with today’s data breach goes beyond repairing a damaged database, buying a new virus protection program or replacing a lost laptop. At an average cost of $221.00 per breached record, the cost quickly reaches the millions and that means trouble to any size company!

Given the nature of data breaches, a company might not even realize that it suffered a breach until disaster had already struck.

*The company that owns the data is liable for any breach, no matter where it occurs!*

It doesn’t matter if a third-party houses your data, maintains the data for you or anything else. If there is a breach at any company, anywhere in the world, you are liable for your company’s data!

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