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Preventing Insurance Fraud

MrInsurability.comYou have probably heard about and maybe even been the victim of, insurance fraud. It involves both home and auto and is on the rise in many places. The affect on you is that it takes money away from all of us, because everyone’s premium eventually goes up, to cover the cost of this fraud.

Wonder what you can do to help? Actually, there are some easy answers. Just as a large portion of fraud involves homes and autos, you can start by protecting yourself and your family at home and when driving. Here’s how:

  • Drive defensively, stay safe distances from other vehicles so you don’t become the victim of a “swoop and squat” forced collision. Protect your vehicle and yourself. Lock your doors, take your keys, roll up your windows, park in well-lit, safe areas and consider installing a theft deterrent device.
  • Keep your home secure. Lock your doors and don’t hide the keys outside. If you travel, use timers for lights and appliances and have a friend or neighbor pick up your mail and newspaper.
  • Keep your auto secure. Don’t leave information in your car that can be stolen and used for identity theft. Popular items to steal are, insurance cards, registration cards, charge cards left in the car and spare house keys or other car keys.

Remember, you are the first line of defense against insurance fraud. If you even suspect that something may be wrong, you should contact your local police department and your independent insurance agent as soon as possible.