MrInsurability April 26, 2016 No Comments

MrInsurability.comWhen buying an insurance policy, service is everything. You may have heard the expression “Service is King!” This is especially true and important in the insurance industry. Don’t hesitate to do some research on the experiences that others have had with a company.

It seems that many insurance companies spend a lot of money on advertising, to get you to buy from them, but seem to skimp on things like having friendly customer service or a local claim center.

Take advantage of your internet and search for reviews with the Better Business Bureau, on any company that you are considering doing business with. You can find a lot about others’ experiences with a specific insurance carrier this way.

It is also important to review the financial stability of the insurance company, to make sure that they can pay your claim in the event of a loss!

Remember, an independent insurance agent works with several insurance carriers and is sure to have a relationship with one that will meet your needs.