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Learning about an Insurance Company

MrInsurability.comThere are many insurance companies out there vying for your business. As we have discussed in other posts, along with the many companies, come many differences.

These differences are some of the best reasons for you to let your independent insurance agent help you sort through them, to find the best options for your situation. But suppose you’d like to do a little checking for yourself. How could you learn about these different insurance companies?

The first thing that you could do is to read the company’s recent Annual Reports. These are typically available on the company’s website. Also, take a moment to look over any interesting company press releases that you may run across, which are also typically available on the company’s website. If you have access to an academic LexisNexis account, you can use it to do a Nexis search of the company.

When that option is not available, you can use Google, only do a more sophisticated Google search that will allow you to find company documents. To do this, search for the company name and add .ppt, .pdf or.doc to the company’s name. You can also use the company’s name and add “for internal use only.”

If it’s a publicly traded company, you can see their Securities and Exchange Commission reports, which are searchable at the website of the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

If the company is ranked by a business magazine like Forbes or Fortune, you can usually find the information that you are looking for by checking those websites for the company’s profile.

Lastly, if you want to see what a company was saying a few years back, try the Way Back Machine, which will allow you to see versions of the company’s website on a date that you select.