data breach insurance
MrInsurability March 20, 2017 No Comments

data breach insuranceLast time we started looking at some of the common reasons that we need data breach insurance. Today I want to continue with that list and to let you know that there are even more ways out there. But this covers pretty much of the more common ways that a breach can occur. Here is the rest of the list:

  • Denial of Services – Render website and other resources unavailable to intended user
  • Malware Infection – Infect data system with a virus
  • Hoax – Access information through deception
  • Wireless Network – Hackers use flaws in wireless routers to access users information
  • Social Engineering – Deceive people into performing actions or divulging confidential information
  • Abuse of Access – User with more than normal access to company network steals information
  • Improper Data Disposal – Not destroying hardware, software, paperwork in a proper manner
  • Ransomware – Malicious software blocks access to a computer system until money is paid
  • Bots on the Network – Software allowing a computer to receive instructions from a different computer
  • Phishing – Emails appearing to be legitimate are actually fake and typically ask for personal information under some false pretext
  • Data Misuse – Data used for things other than the reason it was initially collected
  • Erroneous Data Posting – Someone unintentionally posts private or sensitive company or customer information
  • Breach Caused by a Vendor – Exposing your customer’s and/or employee’s nonpublic personally identifiable information
  • Payment Card Fraud – Nonpublic personally identifiable information is stolen from a point-of-service credit card or payment terminal
  • Missing or Stolen Paper Documents – containing nonpublic personally identifiable information
  • Stolen Computers or Servers – Containing unencrypted nonpublic personally identifiable information

Having completed our look at these ways that breaches occur, you may have noticed a pattern. Next time we’ll find out that these data breaches fall into 3 basic categories and what those are.
If you suspect that your business is at risk for a data breach, you are probably right. Be sure to contact MrInsurability to get the complete details on setting up a custom data breach insurance plan for your business!