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MrInsurability.comMany people have and love having a pet cat. At times this can be a little troublesome, because by nature a cat is an animal that loves to get themselves in difficult and even dangerous situations. Fortunately for your cat, with good veterinary care and good pet insurance, your cat will find a way to get the most out of all of his/her nine lives.

So, just how do you go about choosing the best pet insurance policy to protect your cat? First, it’s important that you read the policy wording carefully and find out what each policy includes. There is no point in having pet insurance if you don’t use it when you when you need to! So, what should you look for when comparing insurance policies for your cat and pet insurance companies?

Many pet insurance policies try to entice prospective policy holders with promises of covering routine care. This may seem like a great and necessary option for your cat pet insurance. However, it is just bait to get you in and in the end may not pay off!

Sure, the routine care aspect sounds great, however, if you have prepared for owing a cat, you have already prepared for spending $100-$200 per year in routine care. What you need to insure against is the unexpected. You should select coverage that includes high benefits for illness & injury, as this can run into the tens of thousands of dollars and this is what you probably won’t be financially prepared for.

Another point to consider is that, sadly, losing a pet is part of having a pet. Pet insurance often has a benefit for a refund of the purchase price that you originally paid for the cat, if and when it does unfortunately pass away.

This can seem like an upsetting point to consider, when you are comparing pet insurance policies, however, after receiving a refund of the purchase price, you will be able to immediately (or when you feel ready) go out and purchase a new pet and that’s just what your kitty would want you to do!

Having a pet, even a cat, means that you are responsible for him or her, no matter what else may happen. Events may occur which prevent you from being able to fulfill your responsibility. You will find that some of the better pet insurance policies will even pay a certain amount for your cat to be placed in a boarding facility, should something unexpected come up, such as you being unexpectedly hospitalized or some similar occurrence.

Some policies even include benefit amounts that you can collect, if for example you have to cancel a vacation, because your pet needs to have live saving surgery. This allows you to recover some or even all of what you may have lost due to the last minute cancellation.

There are other important factors that can come into play when it comes to choosing cat pet insurance, but the most important thing is to decide what you actually need the insurance for. Typically, you need insurance to cover you for things that you cannot plan for.

Be sure to contact your independent insurance agent for an accurate assessment of what your needs are and to get the best coverage for the best price!