changing car insurance companies
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changing car insurance companiesToday, let’s take a look at something that we all face at times and that is changing car insurance companies.

Maybe you’ve bought a new car, got married, moved, had an accident or graduated from school. No matter what the change, it’s time to check your insurance coverage.

Any major change, like the ones mentioned, could mean saving on your car insurance. It could also mean that a better deal becomes available somewhere else.

As an insurance producer, I never want to lose a customer. But, if someone can get more for less somewhere else, how can I say don’t go?

Something else that I hate to mention is that checking out the competition on a regular basis is good. It can help keep your current rate low. It let’s your current insurance company know that you may be looking for better deals.

Your current company will want to keep you, so they may find new deals.

Remember, insurance is there to protect you when you need it. If the time comes when you feel you’re not getting that support, you might consider changing insurance companies.

Let’s look at 6 possible reasons you may be changing car insurance companies.

  1. Your rates increase and it’s not your fault

Many factors determine your insurance rates. Things like where you live, type of car, driving record, past insurance history, age, gender, marital status and credit score. Some states have even more restrictions than others.

When any of these life changes occur, your rates may change with them.  Sometimes it works to our advantage and sometimes it doesn’t. A safe driving record can be very helpful. Even one accident can cause things to go badly.

Remember, auto insurance companies are in business to make money. At times they may have to raise premiums for their customers. If you live in an area that recently had a disaster, wait to look for a better deal.

Insurance companies will be in the process of paying out a lot and finding a lower price may be hard. Remember, there are times when changing car insurance companies isn’t the best thing to do.

  1. The agency becomes hard to work with

Customer service is a key to success in every business. If you aren’t getting the service you expect, then you may want to consider other choices.

You should expect a degree of flexibility from your insurance company. If you speak to your agent or representative and they seem to lack this flexibility, a change may be needed. Remember that there are plenty of companies that would like to try to keep your business!

Things like adding or removing vehicles or updating something, should be easy. You should have full access to your policy and be able to make changes as needed. If these things become an issue, it may be time to go.

You don’t want to get carried away with your expectations either. If a policy change is made it may save you money. It may also cost you money. If the change costs you money, then it does. That’s not showing a lack of caring.

Now, should an agent or company representative actually become rude to you, instead of helpful, a change may be needed. Some things may be outside of your agent’s control, but that should be made clear and not be a problem.

  1. Your bill changes without your knowledge

Many people are billed monthly for their policy. The price should be the same every month.

If your bill changes without you being notified, there is most likely a problem to correct. Letters can get mislaid, emails lost and so on, but by far you should be amply notified of any changes.

If for some reason you don’t feel you were adequately informed, you may consider changing car insurance companies. Sometimes it’s just better for your own peace of mind.

  1. Your current company doesn’t offer the service you require

Many local insurance agency offices aren’t open at night or on the weekends. This may not be convenient for some people. You may purchase a car on the weekend and not be able to take it home.

Many dealers now require proof of insurance before you can take the car. It would certainly apply in the case of a financed vehicle or a leased vehicle.

Many of the larger insurance carriers offer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This may be a factor that you need to consider in choosing a company.

  1. You prefer online to in-person service

Many companies offer the option of making certain changes online, eliminating the need to speak to someone. These tend to be the larger companies, but you should always check in your area.

Although online access may be important to you, remember that it’s just one part of your insurance package. You should always consider the availability of proper coverage, as well as overall service and price.

  1. Life changes mean insurance changes

Things like moving, getting married, adding a teen driver or even getting a new car, mean changes to your insurance. This means rates change, discounts change and maybe even a company change.

Changes may put you in a new risk category and a different company may have better rates for you. Anytime there is a change, it would be in your best interest to check around.

After a long time with one company, it may feel uncomfortable to do. Nonetheless, changing car insurance companies be what’s best for you and your family.

This situation is one of the main reasons that I always recommend using an independent producer like MrInsurability.

Being independent we have contracts with several companies, so the best coverage and rates can be found in one place. If you need help or would like to get coverage, MrInsurability is only a click away!