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Removing Malware

removing malwareToday let’s look a little bit more at removing malware in general. This might include ransomware, viruses, pop-ups, etc. Once a computer gets infected, removing any of these things can be difficult to do.

Before beginning, please remember, we do insurance, not computer repair. We are also not endorsing any company or service. This is just some free, though not professional, help for those in need.

There are a few basic things that can be done when removing malware. These methods will most often fix the problem. Although, there will be times when more advanced methods will be needed. Read more

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Protect Yourself from Ransomware

Protect Yourself from RansomwareIn case you missed the last one or two posts, we are talking about ransomware. Ransomware is malware that locks up your computer, so you can’t use it. Today we’re going to see how you can protect yourself from ransomware.

Ransomware relies on scare tactics to trick users into thinking they have done something wrong. Do you remember that you can get infected by ransomware simply by visiting an infected website or opening your email? You didn’t have to do anything wrong to get infected.

If you’re a big corporation with an IT dept. you’ll probably be able to deal with an attack. If you’re a person with a home computer, who gets attacked, knowing what to do isn’t so easy. You probably don’t want to have to pay for cyber insurance along with all your other bills.

So, the next question is how can you protect yourself from ransomware? Read more

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Different Ransomware Types

Different Ransomware TypesToday let’s look some different ransomware types. Currently there seem to be 3 main ransomware programs that are very successful.

They are CryptoLocker, Samas and CryptorBit. These 3 became quite famous starting in 2013 and continue to be extremely successful at encrypting a computer’s files. Read more

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Ransomware – It’s Everyone’s Problem Now

ransomwareA new and devastating virus is affecting computer owners and users of all sizes, shapes and descriptions. It is called Ransomware.

This is a type of malware that infects computer systems, restricting the users’ access to the infected systems. It typically attempts to extort money it’s from victims by displaying an on-screen alert.

This alert will usually say that the user’s system has been locked or that the user’s files have been encrypted. Users are told that unless a ransom (fee) is paid, access will not be restored. Read more

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Security Risks Keep Changing

Security Risks Keep ChangingSecurity Risks Keep Changing. Information Security Risks, Data Breaches and Identity Fraud are not disappearing trends. As a matter of fact these types of attacks are becoming more frequent and more complex in nature.

New legislation and ever-changing contractual requirements, has added to the complexity of managing cyber-threats for the business owner. Read more

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Assessing Your Company’s Security Needs

Assessing Your Company's Security NeedsToday let’s start by looking at how you go about assessing your company’s security needs.

In deciding where to begin, first ask whose information do you store or have stored?

The answer will most likely be one or more of the following:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Other businesses
  • Other individuals

Read more

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Data Breach Recovery Costs

data breach recovery costsToday, let’s take a look at data breach recovery costs and some typical types of coverage.

The first thing to consider is that the majority of states have data breach notice laws. These require that notification be made to individuals, if their nonpublic personally identifiable information has been exposed.

These laws also apply in cases of personal health information being compromised.

Data breach recovery costs can be expensive. Depending upon the number of impacted individuals and compromised records, this could be the most expensive portion of your recovery! Read more

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Nonpublic Personally Identifiable Information

Nonpublic Personally Identifiable InformationToday let’s continue with our look at the need for data breach insurance and Nonpublic Personally Identifiable Information. We previously mentioned that stolen records most often include this type of information. You may be wondering what this information would consist of, so, let’s look at some possibilities.

Just about all businesses, no matter the size, collect data about their employees, customers and tenants. Just what is nonpublic personally identifiable information? Below is a list of the most common items. If your company collects any of these, then you need to have safeguards in place. Read more

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What to Do If Your Insurance Claims are Denied

insurance claimsOut of control insurance claims and medical expenses are hardly a secret these days.  Currently, 57% of people facing home foreclosure say medical debt or other medical expenses are the cause. Out of this 57% only 10% felt that they were under-insured.

Eliminating medical debt is almost impossible to do. Though there are tools that you can use to fight back, should your claim be denied. Read more