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Protect Your Business from an Attack

Protect Your Business from an AttackToday I’d like to look at a few ways that you can protect your business from an attack. Typically you hear about strong passwords, locking your computer, cell phone, etc. Those have been covered by everyone.

We’re going to look at it from a different approach.

We’re all so caught up in technology, we’ve forgotten there are pros out there still using “old fashion methods”. Read more

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Cyber Attacks

cyber attacksThis is a last minute post I felt necessary, due to the seriousness of its contents. As you know if you read this blog, we have a lot about cyber attacks and the like. That’s why I wanted to make an effort to let all readers, personal and business, to know the latest update.

On Wednesday the government issued it’s most direct and detailed advisory about North Korea’s hacking activity. They warned that the country of North Korea continues to target U.S. media, aerospace, financial and critical infrastructure sectors. Read more

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Go Green with Auto Insurance

Go Green with Auto InsuranceIf you’re one of those people who are actually trying to be environmentally friendly, you’ll love today’s post! We’re taking a look at how to go green with auto insurance.

The first thing is pretty obvious, driving less saves you more. If you are attempting to drive less, you could very well be saving money. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the average American drives nearly 13,500 miles per year. Read more

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Life Insurance

life insuranceToday I’d like to visit once again the subject of life insurance. We’ve talked about it before, though I suspect most of us don’t love talking about it. For many, buying or thinking of buying life insurance makes the subject of death too real.

So let’s forget about that and look at it from another point of view. What might that be, you ask? Well, life insurance is an important part of a long-term financial plan. Read more

Health Insurance Marketplace Fraud

Health Insurance Marketplace FraudToday I’d like to talk about Health Insurance Marketplace fraud. Many people have unknowingly fallen victim to fraud, while trying to obtain health insurance.

As with many other things, your best protection against Health Insurance Marketplace fraud is being informed. With that in mind, let’s look at a few tips to keep you safe when using Read more

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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance Today I’d like to take a look at a type of insurance often overlooked and that is Disability Insurance.

The Council for Disability Awareness, in their 2014 Long Term Disability Claims Review, found some surprising facts. The most common causes of new long-term disability claims are:

  • 6% Muscle, back and joint disorders
  • 1% Cancer and tumors
  • 3% Injuries and poisonings
  • 7% Cardiovascular and circulatory diseases
  • 3% Mental disorders
  • 7% Spine and Nervous system-related disorders
  • 9% Complications of pregnancy and childbirth

Read more

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Securing Your Computer

securing your computerOne of the ways to keep your data breach insurance costs down is by securing your computer to avoid claims. You may ask how this is done and the answer is really quite easy. The top proven technique to block hackers from attacking is to make better passwords.

Your password is the doorway to your computer and your valuables inside. Doors can be cheap and weak or extremely strong. It’s all up to you to make it the way you want it. Read more