Assessing Your Company's Security Needs
MrInsurability April 13, 2017 No Comments

Assessing Your Company's Security NeedsToday let’s start by looking at how you go about assessing your company’s security needs.

In deciding where to begin, first ask whose information do you store or have stored?

The answer will most likely be one or more of the following:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Other businesses
  • Other individuals

The next thing to determine is what kind and how sensitive that information is:

  • Financial
  • Medical
  • Intellectual property
  • Personal

Next you’ll need to determine how that information is:

  • Collected
  • Protected
  • Shared
  • Used – you, your partners and assoc, others that host or have access to your data

Identifying the systems and data most critical to your operation, is the first step toward preventing a data breach. Next, you’ll need to consider your organization’s vulnerability.

Knowing these facts will help you to respond to and recover from a data breach or cyber-attack.

Implementing, maintaining and enforcing procedural and technological controls that protect critical data and systems are key to a data breach program.

Being prepared to respond quickly to a suspected data breach is the most critical step that you can take. Assessing your company’s security needs, prior to a breach ever taking place, makes all the difference.

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