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Active Shooter Insurance (con’t)

MrInsurability.comIn continuing with our look at active shooter coverage and what may or may not be covered by our general liability policy, the next step in any insurance analysis, once we’ve determined that the event falls within the insuring agreement, is to analyze the policy exclusions.

In this case, insurers may not be obligated to defend and indemnify the insured, if the policy contains an assault and battery exclusion endorsement. An example of this type of endorsement would be:

It is agreed that no coverage shall apply under this policy for any claim, demand or suit based on Assault and Battery and Assault and Battery shall not be deemed an accident, whether or not committed by or at the direction of the insured. Read more

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Active Shooter Insurance (Part 2)

MrInsurability.comToday we are continuing our look at active shooter insurance coverage. If you remember last time, we discussed
the events that took place and the subsequent legal filings. Today we’ll see what coverage existed and whether or not it was sufficient for the situation.
The big question is whether or not mass shootings are covered by general liability insurance. Let’s look at it from the standpoint of a typical General Liability Insurance policy and the language found in modern ISO Commercial Forms. Read more

Active Shooter Insurance

MrInsurability.comThere is a very new category of insurance that I’d like to take a look at today. Many of you may have never heard of it and that’s probably good! It is called “Active Shooter” coverage.

This new coverage has been designed to, let’s say, color in a gray area in insurance policies, which to date has left thousands of people vulnerable to claims made in the wake of an active shooter incident. An “Active Shooter” event can truly involve life and death and of course with that goes millions of dollars in cash settlements.

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