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MrInsurability is an insurance information site and blog run by Mark Thomas, an independent insurance producer working through the top rated Hazen Insurance Agency of St Charles, IL. Because of this affiliation he is licensed to do business in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina and Ohio. The purpose of this website and blog is to provide information and education to anyone with questions about insurance and how it all works. Although MrInsurability specializes in commercial (business) insurance, you will find valuable information no matter what kind of coverage that you are interested in.

No matter who you are or what you do, there are some types of insurance coverage that everyone should have. These include: homeowner’s/renter’s insurance, health insurance and auto insurance. Additionally, there are a couple of types of coverage that you should seriously consider, as soon as finances allow. Those include: life insurance, long and short term disability insurance and what’s called an umbrella policy. An umbrella policy is simply like an umbrella that keeps you covered. If your personal and auto coverage’s aren’t enough, for any reason, the umbrella policy covers the remaining part. This may become more necessary for people like doctors, lawyers, business owners, etc, as they are more often the target of lawsuits.

**Something important to note about health insurance for anyone over the age of 25 – the government has imposed a penalty for anyone 25 and older who does not have health insurance. If you don’t have health insurance, you’ll have to pay whichever is higher, 2.5 % of your annual income or $695 per person.

Here’s a tip from MrInsurability about this – health insurance has become regulated since Obamacare, so every company has to charge you the exact same amount for the exact same coverage. NO ONE can give you the same coverage that you have for less! Don’t be fooled and you should always go with someone that you trust!**

Health insurance is the only one that is like that. All other insurances are available at differing rates from different companies. We hope that you will learn valuable information here on MrInsurability and that you will use that information to shop wisely and get the best insurance coverage that you possibly can, for what you can afford to pay!

Be sure to check our blog page news feeds, as they update 24 hours a day! That along with all of the other information that we make available and you’ll be ready to buy that important coverage in no time! Again, thanks for stopping by!